Friday, November 13, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

When you're on the road, sleep can be a strange thing. With changing time zones, staying up late after shows, and doing things all day you sometimes have to catch up on some Zzz's whenever you can.

Sierra with her guitar and ipod!

Dani asleep on our drive to Florida.

Kelsey with Mouse.

Sierra, the queen of sleep with her "Do Not Disturb" mask.

And now for some examples of what can happen when you don't get enough beauty sleep...

Look past the girl in the sunglasses to the back of the picture.

Again, look to the background of the picture...I do believe I'm starting to see a trend... :P

I'm thinking that this last picture has less to do with lack of sleep and more to do with the humidity!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you actually posted this picture of your mother! Shame on you!